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that : "of all players Andy Roddick is aywlas the one that comes to the rescue. I can phone him for an event for charity and he aywlas comes, no questions asked". and when Andy was becoming the big american star in 2002/2003 - he was signing autographs across the fence in USO ..and the crowd of big people were pressing and there was this tiny boy that was getting crushed because he was so short trying to be noticed. but he was getting pushed back...and Andy , without batting an eyelash, reached over the fence and picked up the boy over the fence and held him up while signing his autograph..and the boy went home with his aunt on the train , to Maryland where they came from...and it was his aunt's birthday gift to the boy -- and she wrote 2 days later in the New York Daily news Sports pages or readers' column with a short note: "I was at the USO with my little nephew as his birthday gift to see Andy Roddick, but we were getting pushed back because of so many bigger people. and my nephew was really losing hope he could get near andy...but andy picked him and signed his autograph...on the way home to maryland and back home. all my nephew could say was "I will never forget Andy. because he was so kind to me....when I grow up i want to be a good guy just LIKE andy Roddick"..I am the EXPERT on andy roddick about these things and don't anybody say othewise. ok?

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